C-RAIND has partnered with the Biomedical Research Informatics Core (BRIC) to create an index of neurodevelopmental disorders research projects. C-RAIND will provide free access and reporting tools to faculty and graduate students.

On a campus of this size with the number of researchers and level of research activity around the research theme of neurodevelopmental disorders, a strong central hub with a communications implementation plan is essential to capturing potential research and award collaborations that are currently going unrealized. To fill this void, C-RAIND has created a Research Project Index that all C-RAIND faculty and graduate students will be able to access.

Research projects that are recruiting participants will be automatically added to the new study finder page on our website (Feb, 2019). Those interested in volunteering for clinical research will be able to search for research projects they are interested in participating with and they can also sign up for email notifications for when new research opportunities are added.

Please submit your research projects HERE.


To request access to REDCap, complete and submit the REDCap access request.