C-RAIND Research Assessment Support Unit

C-RAIND has launched its Research Assessment Support Unit (RASU) for C-RAIND faculty. 

  • Focus on assessment support for research projects
  • NOT clinical/service assessment

To Address Concerns Related to: Funded intervention studies having difficulty with recruiting trained evaluators for research participant characterization (especially in ASD studies) and more specialized outcome measures (e.g., standardized cognitive tests, adaptive behavior assessments, language tests, etc.).  

Proposed Assessment Support for:

  • Small to Medium Grant Funded Studies
  • Pilot Studies Intended to Generate Data for Grant Submissions
  • Intervention Studies
  • Participant Characterization for RAIND research volunteer pool 

Starting Out of Modest Size:

  • Two Half-Time Assessment Research Assistants (advanced doctoral students in school or clinical psychology). They will be trained in the summer and start in the fall of 2018
  • One Full-Time Fixed Term Research Associate – Either Post-Doctoral Fellow or Licensed Psychologist. This person will be recruited during the fall of 2018 and is anticipated to start in January of 2019

Assessment Focus:

  • Participant Characterization – ASD Research Criteria (ADI-R, ADOS-2); Cognitive Assessment; Language Assessment; Adaptive Behavior Assessment
  • Specialized Outcome Assessments (e.g., Cognitive Tests, Language Tests, Adaptive Behavior Interviews, etc.) for Intensive Interventions
  • Not Rating Scale or Observational Outcome Assessments That Can Be Readily Performed By Investigators

Launch Advisory Group for Research Assessment Support Unit to:

  • Help plan for resource allocation (balancing limited resources with faculty needs)
  • Help determine how projects can be prioritized for support
  • Develop policies for how faculty will help fund the support unit
  • Plan for any needed support model modifications
  • Plan for long-term sustainability of the support unit

To request a new project, complete and submit the RASU New Project Form.

Please email Angie Kankula with questions