Michael Boivin

Michael Boivin

Fellow, Internal Advisory Committee

Department of Psychiatry Department of Neurology & Ophthalmology



A former Fulbright research scholar to the DR Congo (1990-91) and Uganda (2003-04), Dr. Boivin presently leads R34 MH082663; Cognitive and psychosocial benefits of caregiver training in Ugandan HIV children. He is leading a study in Uganda on the cognitive rehabilitation of school-age Ugandan children affected by HIV (R34 MH084782, Neuropsychological Benefits of Cognitive Training in Ugandan HIV Children. He led the neurodevelopmental assessment portions of an NIH R21 study on the neurocognitive effects of HIV subtype in Ugandan children (PI: Wong), and on a K01 study on the neurodevelopmental and factors affecting neurocognitive disability in rural Ugandan children affected by HIV (PI: Brahmbhatt). He recently published studies in evaluating cognitive rehabilitation programs in Ugandan school-age children with HIV and those cerebral malaria survivors.

Presently Dr. Boivin is collaborating on studies evaluating the neurocognitive effects of cerebral malaria in Malawian and in Ugandan children, as well as the developmental effects of maternal anemia in very young children in Benin.

Over the past 20 years, Dr. Boivin pioneered the application of neuropsychological assessment in gauging the neurocognitive impact of public health risk factors and interventions in African children.

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