Matt Pontifex

Matthew Pontifex


Assistant Professor
Department of Kinesiology



Matthew Pontifex, assistant professor, Department of Kinesiology, conducts research in the area of cognitive kinesiology with a focus on examining the relationship between health-oriented behaviors and higher-order cognitive function during preadolescence. He also studies the application of these health-oriented behaviors as a means for improving cognitive health, academic performance, and overall effective functioning during maturation.

Courses Taught:

-Independent Study Kinesiology (KIN 890)

-Internship in Kinesiology (KIN 893)

-Field Experiences Kinesiology (KIN 894)

-Project in Kinesiology (KIN 897)

-Independent Study Kinesiology (KIN 990)

-Research Practicum Kinesiology (KIN 995)


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