Martin Volker

Martin Volker

Fellow, Internal Advisory Committee

Associate Professor, Co-director of C-RAIND, Director of C-RAIND Research Assessment Support Unit
Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Special Education



Martin Volker is the co-director of the MSU Center for Research in Autism, Intellectual, and Other Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (C-RAIND), the director of the C-RAIND Research Assessment Support Unit (C-RAIND RASU), a faculty member in both the school psychology and rehabilitation counselor education programs within the College of Education at MSU, and he is a licensed psychologist in the state of Michigan.

Dr. Volker received his PhD in combined clinical and school psychology from Hofstra University in 2001 and did his post-doctoral work in early childhood at the Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo. He has a history of funding from the IES, NIH, DoD, and OAR. Prior to coming to MSU in 2014, he was a faculty member in the school psychology program at the University at Buffalo, SUNY (2002-2014). Dr. Volker was previously the co-director of the Regional Center for Autism and Related Disabilities in Western NY (2007-2014), and the director of measurement, design and analysis at the Institute for Autism Research and the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) research consortium in Western NY (2003-2014).  

Dr. Volker’s research interests include the assessment and treatment of ASD and related conditions. His assessment and measurement studies examine differences in core and associated features between ASD and other conditions, as well as the validity of various assessment tools used in the evaluation of those with ASD and other neurodevelopmental disabilities. Dr. Volker has been involved in the development and evaluation of various social skills-related interventions for those with ASD, and handles participant characterization, measurement, design, and analysis issues for outcome studies involving intensive social interventions, behavioral interventions, and school-to-work transition programs for those with ASD and related conditions. Dr. Volker’s advocacy work emphasizes the inclusion and representation of individuals with disabilities in advanced training programs and participation on research teams.



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