Jiyoon Park

Jiyoon Park

Affiliate, Hegarty Fellow

Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Special Education



Dr. Jiyoon Park received her PhD in Special Education from Michigan State University. Her research interests center around effective instructional strategies for students with disabilities. Throughout her research, Dr. Park has been interested in developing and refining best practices in the use of technology in teaching mathematics and life skills. Her research aims to prepare students with disabilities to lead productive adult lives and recognizes the critical nature of the transition from school to adult life. Consequently, her research agenda explores how students can maintain and generalize what they learn in school so they can apply essential skills to independent living.

As an MSU-DOCTRID Hegarty Fellow, she will be working with Dr. Connie Sung at Michigan State University and with the research team at the Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services in Ireland. Over the coming two years, she is excited to collaborate with people at both sites to support people with disabilities.