Janet Hauck

Janet Hauck

Fellow, Seminar Series Committee

Assistant Professor
Department of Kinesiology



Janet Hauck, assistant professor, Department of Kinesiology and the director of the Physical Activity for Youth with Disabilities (PLAY’D) Laboratory, is focused on examining the motor behaviors of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She is interested in both physical activity behavior and motor delay in at-risk infants and children with ASD. Recent work includes the design and use of two interventions aimed at teaching independent bicycle riding and age-appropriate fundamental motor skills.

Courses Taught:

-Physical Growth & Motor Behavior (KIN 360)

-Independent Study (KIN 490)

-Fieldwork (KIN 494)

-Independent Study Kinesiology (KIN 890)

-Internship in Kinesiology (KIN 893)

-Field Experiences Kinesiology (KIN 894)

-Project in Kinesiology (KIN 897)

-Independent Study Kinesiology (KIN 990)

-Research Practicum Kinesiology (KIN 995)


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