Ian Gray

Ian Gray


C-RAIND Co-founder and Former Vice President of Research and Graduate Studies



Gray began his MSU career in 1978 when he joined the faculty as an assistant professor of food science and human nutrition. He became the associate director of the experiment station in 1988 and was named director in 1996.

Gray’s research expertise focuses on the formation of toxic compounds in foods as a result of processing and cooking. His research has contributed to a large body of work that has led to safer, more healthful food.

He has produced more than 170 scientific journal publications and has presented more than 120 papers at scientific meetings. Among his work: MSU’s findings that tart cherries possess healthful antioxidant properties.

Dr. Gray was instrumental in the launch of the RAIND initiative and is an active participant and champion of its mission.

A native of Northern Ireland, Gray received his doctoral degree in food science from Queen's University in Belfast, conducted postdoctoral research at MSU and was an assistant professor of food science at University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada.