Gary Bente


Gary Bente

Affiliate, Internal Advisory Committee

Professor, Director of the Center for Avatar Research and Immersive Media Applications (CARISMA)



Gary Bente (Ph.D., University of Trier, Germany, 1985) is a professor in the Department of Communication at Michigan State University and the director of the Center for Avatar Research and Immersive Media Applications (CARISMA) at the School of Communication Arts and Sciences. He teaches classes in media effects research with an emphasis on continuous response measurement, psychophysiology and eye tracking as well as classes in nonverbal communication and Virtual Reality. Bente comes to MSU from the University of Cologne where he led the Cologne Virtual Reality Center and served as a professor of social psychology and media psychology, he is a pioneer in the study of human communication using virtual characters or avatars

The Center for Avatar Research and Immersive Social Media Applications (CARISMA) Lab opened in the fall of 2016. The department recruited Professor Gary Bente from the University of Cologne to lead the lab.

The CARISMA lab focuses on the interdisciplinary study of the effect of virtual reality (VR) experiences on human interaction and draws on basic research from fields like communication science, psychology, education, linguistics, computer science and engineering to refine and develop virtual reality technology for use in areas like education, training, therapy and rehabilitation and e-commerce.

More information about the CARISMA Lab and virtual reality research may be obtained from Brian Klebig

Research and Teaching

Nonverbal Communication, Media Effects, Virtual Reality, Cultural Differences

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