Florian Kagerer

Florian A. Kagerer


Associate Professor
Department of Kinesiology



Florian A. Kagerer, assistant professor, Department of Kinesiology, Neuroscience Program, focuses on human motor neuroscience (how the brain controls movements). He's interested in how the senses – vision, or kinesthesia – interact with motor output of the arms and hands, enabling humans to perform accurate reaching movements, or to learn new movement patterns.

He is also looking at how these capacities develop in school-aged children, in both typical development and developmental motor dysfunction. On a behavioral level, he records and measures upper limb movement kinematics, and on a neurophysiological level, using techniques such as transcranial magnetic stimulation, he assesses motor cortex excitability and inhibition.

He received his doctorate from the Institute of Medical Psychology in Munich, Germany, and completed postdoctoral training in the Human Motor Control Laboratory at Arizona State University.

Courses Taught:

-Independent Study Kinesiology (KIN 890)

-Internship in Kinesiology (KIN 893)

-Field Experiences Kinesiology (KIN 894)

-Project in Kinesiology (KIN 897)

-Independent Study Kinesiology (KIN 990)

-Research Practicum Kinesiology (KIN 995)


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