Dr. Amy Bonomi

Amy Bonomi

Fellow, Internal Advisory Committee

Director of MSUE’s Children and Youth Institute



Dr. Bonomi’s research interests include the experiences of sexual assault and intimate partner violence in college students with a disability. Dr. Bonomi served as Chair of MSU’s Sexual Violence Advisory Committee from 2015-2018, and works with campus partners including the Resource Center for Persons with Disability on research-informed prevention and response to sexual misconduct. From 2013-2019, as Chair of MSU’s Human Development and Family Studies department, coinciding with MSU’s initiative to improve federal awards and with MSU’s capital campaign, she led her department in a significant increase in federal grant dollars (648%) and philanthropy (997%), along with a sharpening of graduate and undergraduate programs. Based on these experiences, she serves as an informal advisor in the Office of the Provost to administrators leading their units through change. Dr. Bonomi is associate editor at the Journal of Women's Health and writes a violence prevention blog for the Huffington Post.


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