From university-distinguished professors to graduate students, all members of the C-RAIND community are engaged in creating new knowledge. We aspire to be a global leader in neurodevelopmental research and training. Our work emphasizes the importance of conducting meaningful, sustainable research that provides tangible benefits to our global community. 

Assessment of Early Language and Literacy Skills for Children with Disabilities

Lori Skibbe, Associate Professor; Department of Human Development and...


Lori Skibbe

Big Data Will Bring a Revolution to Autism Research and Therapy

Mark Reimers, Associate Professor, Neuroscience Program. "Big Data will...

Using Technology to Support Students with Autism and Intellectual Disability in Mathematics

Emily Bouck, Professor Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology...


Emily Bouck

Cellular, Molecular, and Behavioral Alterations Associated with Fragile X Syndrome

Charles “Lee” Cox, Chair of the Department of Physiology and Professor of...


Charles "Lee" Cox

Translation of an Animal Model of Rhythm Processing to Assessment and Intervention

Devin McAuley, Associate Professor of Psychology, Director of the MSU...


Devin McAuley

An Overview of Services Research and Dissemination and Implementation Science

Amy Drahota, Assistant Professor; Department of Psychology. Dr. Drahota...


Amy Drahota

The Impact of Faith and Religious Participation for Persons with IDD and ASD

Devan Stahl, Assistant Professor, Center for Ethics and Humanities in the...

Motor Behavior in Children with ASD

Janet Hauck, Assistant Professor, Department of Kinesiology and the...


Janet Hauck