Infant Motor Development Study with the Sensorimotor Development Lab

The Sensorimotor Development Lab are recruiting babies for their Infant Motor Development Study. 

What is the purpose of the study?

To assess babies’ reaching and grasping behaviors for different objects.

Who is being recruited?

They are recruiting babies in age range of 0-6 months. 

What will your baby be asked to do?

They will place light weight reflective markers (non-invasive) on different body segments of your baby and make them sit in a custom made infant chair. Their movements will be recorded while they are promoted to reach for different objects.

How long is every lab visit? 

Each lab visit is usually around 45-90 minutes.   

Is there any compensation?

Your baby’s participation will be compensated with $10 for each lab visit either by cash or gift card. In addition, you will receive a bonus of $20 after every 5 lab visits. Most importantly, you will have the joy of contributing to SCIENCE with your baby.

How can you participate?

If you think that this is something you and your baby may be interested in participating or have questions, please contact the Lab at:

Sensorimotor Development Lab
Or sign up online at

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