Other Organizations

Related MSU Centers

Autism Data Coordinating Center

As part of the congressionally mandated Study to Explore Early Development (SEED), the MSU Clinical and Translational Science Institute was awarded a grant to create a repository for data collected in the largest epidemiological study on autism.

Autism Lab 

Directed by Brooke Ingersoll, the lab is focused on understanding the social communication deficits seen in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and the development and evaluation of interventions that can improve these skills.

Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI)

The center, directed by Andrea Amalfitano, provides infrastructure to support clinical and translational research. Designed to particularly facilitate team research, CTSI is responsive to the needs of research investigators and community health care providers. The service units of the Office of Clinical Research (OCR) and the Biomedical Research Informatics Core (BRIC) are within the MSU-CTSI.

 Cultural Engagement Council

The MSU Cultural Engagement Council (CEC) is an inclusive space for envisioning and critically discussing new ways in which the myriad resources of the university and the broader community can foster increased engagement with arts and culture programs on and off campus.

Early Language and Literacy Investigations Laboratory (ELLI)

The ELLI lab is a research group that serves as a resource for both undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of disciplines across campus who are interested in young children's language and literacy development. ELLI provides students with opportunities to be involved in every step of the research process, from data collection to manuscript preparation.

Early Learning Institute (ELI)

MSU's Early Learning Institute was started to meet the early intervention needs of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in Mid-Michigan and to provide “hands-on” training for service providers across a range of disciplines to implement evidence-based practices with children with ASD and their families.

Twin Registry

The Michigan State University Twin Registry (MSUTR) is made up of thousands of twins and their families throughout the state of Michigan who show interest participating in MSU research. These invaluable contributions led to groundbreaking discoveries with great potential. The discoveries could inform treatment and prevention efforts for a range of conditions carrying significant consequences for individual and public health.