Our Approach to Research in Autism, Intellectual and other Neurodevelop­mental Disabilities

Mission Statement: (What we do)

To improve the quality of life of people with neurodevelopmental disabilities and their families across the lifespan through:

  • The creation of new knowledge
  • The development of innovative methods in prevention, diagnosis, assessment and treatment of neurodevelopmental disabilities
  • The dissemination of innovations and best practices to the community
  • The education and training of the next generation of scientists and practitioners

Vision Statement: (What we aspire to be)

To become a national and international leader in research, training and service in neurodevelopmental disabilities that provides tangible benefits to the global community.

Core Values: (The values that support the vision and shape the culture)

  • Respecting human dignity
  • Engaging with community stakeholders in all our efforts including individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities, their family members, service providers, administrators and policy makers
  • Including diverse populations and emphasizing natural social contexts in research activities
  • Creating a scholarly environment that embraces multi-disciplinary approaches to problem solving
  • Using the best available evidence to guide research, training and practice