C-RAIND's seed grant program is funded through the generous support of the Office of the Provost and the Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies. 

This competitive grant program is designed to support projects in key areas of research, scholarship, and creative activities, including – but not limited to – C-RAIND's five broad research themes

  1. Lifespan Developmental Issues
  2. Measurement, Assessment and Diagnostic Issues
  3. Intervention and Implementation Science
  4. Etiology and Prevention Science
  5. Family, Cultural and Societal Issues

Awards are made with the expectation that this funding will prepare recipients to be nationally competitive for external funding from agencies and foundations, and the funded projects will promote recognition of the faculty members and the university.

The 3rd round of the C-RAIND seed grant program is underway! 

  • This round, 8 micro-grant proposals have been awarded totaling $27,500
  • 2 seed grants totaling $50,000 awarded on July 1

Our first two seed grant rounds resulted in:

  • 9 awarded seed grants totaling $775,000
  • From round 1:
    • A $1.4 million DOD grant 
    • A $26 million NIH grant
  • Round 2 ends in June, we are looking forward to our researchers results!