From university-distinguished professors to graduate students, all members of the RAIND community are engaged in creating new knowledge. We aspire to be a global leader in neurodevelopmental research and training. Our work emphasizes the importance of conducting meaningful, sustainable research that provides tangible benefits to our global community. 

RAIND Brown Bag Amy Nuttall

Dr. Nuttall presented her talk entitled “Childhood Caregiving Experiences...


Amy Nuttall

Conductive Education Evaluation Project (CEEP)

Under the direction of Dr Nigel Paneth, MSU's cerebral palsy research team


Nigel Paneth

Understanding how the LINKS Peer-to-Peer Program helps to change attitudes toward students with disabilities

Many Michigan public high schools participate in a program called...


Marisa Fisher

Establishing a Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Evidence-based Practice in Vocational Rehabilitation

Michigan State University is a partner in this large-scale effort with...


Michael J. Leahy

Understanding Predictors of Vocational Success for Youths With Epilepsy

This project investigates the relationship between various...


Connie Sung

Two possible perinatal risk factors for cognitive disorders of offspring: iodine deficiency and maternal obesity

By observing a large sample of pregnancies, researchers will study the...


Jean Kerver, Nigel Paneth

Comprehensive reading instruction for children with autism spectrum disorders

Learning to read is a critical skill for children, though reading...


Joshua Plavnick, Troy Mariage